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In 1993 Adam Liddiard was 5 years old and playing Tyke for the Calgary Sabrecats (At that time there was only 5 teams in the entire city!)In 1979 Al moved out west from St. Catherines Ontario after his time playing lacrosse there. Al along with Wes and Carol Patterson started Chex, in the beginning it was actually called “Lidco Sticks and Stuff” Few people might remember actually going to the Liddiard household to actually buy their lacrosse gear.

In 2002 the first Chex store was opened on the Currie Barracks in Calgary. After a lot of persuasion in 2010 from his daughter Samantha, Al moved the store to where it remains today in Canyon Meadows. Al continues to support the local lacrosse community by making sure gear is available at all of the tournaments he can attend, locally in the store, and as of 2023 ONLINE! He also currently runs (and plays in) the Calgary Masters Lacrosse league. In 2023 Chex remains in Canyon Meadows, attends local (and not so local) tournaments.

On behalf of Chex, we want to thank the local (and not so local) lacrosse community for their continued support. This has allowed Chex to remain as Alberta’s ONLY store that carries solely lacrosse gear. From the beginners to the pro’s Chex will be here to make sure the best equipment is available to start or continue your lacrosse career!

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